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【企画/curated by Masako Takahashi 】





What surprises and wonders the world is filled with!

Those exhibitions are designed to present strong,

unique and creative art from many different cultures.


Introducing the life and culture of the proud and strong indigenous people of Brazil’s Amazon region together with the words of eminent Japanese artist Taro Okamoto. The collaboration of the Taro Okamoto Museum of Art with the Rainforest Foundation of Japan, which has worked to conserve tropical rain forests for the past twenty years, made this exhibition both vigorous and absorbing.


An exhibition introducing the artistic world of the nationally renowned Polish picture book author and illustrator Jozef Wilkon, a lover of animals and advocate of life in harmony with nature. The exhibition showcased various representations of expressive animals from Wilkon’s house and atelier, and included sculptures, old rare picture books, original drawings, illustrations, tapestries and more.


“Daphnis and Chloe,” a romance by the 2nd century Greek poet Longus, has long inspired writers and artists in nearly every creative field. This exhibition introduced a series of Mark Chagall’s lithographs, along with other related materials.


Decorative coffins from Ghana, an authentic barbershop and coffee stand, glass drawings from Senegal, an ‘art radio’ from South Africa…this exhibition featured a wide variety of artifacts picked up on the streets of various African cities. Filled with wonder and discovery, the amazingly rich and free expression presented here surprised visitors, with colorful, bold designs that evoke the air of bustle in African cities. The exhibition traveled to four venues in Japan.


An introduction to the work of 38 self-taught American artists from the collection of this New York-based artist couple. The artists represented here explore various means of expression, going beyond conventional materials and established techniques. It’s almost as if they were in “paradise,” inspired and free to create artwork filled with human warmth.

Other Exhibition


2003年から2005年にかけ、福井県立美術館、川崎市岡本太郎美術館、福岡市博物館、大阪国立民族学博物館を巡回した展覧会『Street Art in Africa』。そのときの展示作品で、貴重な所蔵品であるユニークな「アートラジオ」にスポットを当てた展覧会。

Featuring the ‘art radio,’ a unique African artifact. These fascinating pieces were exhibited in the traveling “Street Art in Africa” exhibition held from 2003 to 2005 in the Fukui Fine Arts Museum, the Taro Okamoto Museum of Art, the Fukuoka City Museum, and the National Museum of Ethnology, Japan.

Artist Who Became an Engel
; Delightful Foot-prints of Haru-chan

2005年に若くして癌で亡くなったアーティスト、一瀬晴美の回顧展。 川の上での実験的なアニメーション上映や手塚治虫アニメーションコンペ準グランプリ受賞など、 20年にわたり多彩な創作活動を続けた。才能あふれるアーティストの、 アニメーション、映像、絵画、人形など、優しくユーモラスな彼女の作品400点以上を展示。

A retrospective exhibition of Harumi Ichinose (Haru-chan), who died of cancer in 2005. In her twenty years of artistic activities, Harumi showed her multi-talented creativity, which included a riverside screening of her experimental animations. Among her many impressive accomplishments, she won second prize at the Osamu Tezuka Animation Competition. More than 400 of her works were exhibited, including animations, videos, drawings, and dolls, all of which reflect Harumi’s gentle and humorous nature.

Greece-Japan Cultural Exchange Exhibition


An introduction to Japanese artist Yoshiko Tsukamoto, who beautifully illustrates the clear landscape of the Aegean Sea and the calm, peaceful life in Greece. The exhibition was held in Athens as part of the “Japanese Cultural Year in Greece” celebration.

EPSON003 - コピー.JPG
Uki-uki Waku-waku Art Land

世界40ヶ国の子どもピカソによる絵画150点を紹介。 会期中、地元の小学生が「子ども学芸員」となり、その作品群をもとに8つの展覧会を創り上げた。世界の子どもと浦和の子ども、美術館がクロスオーバーした、 わくわくの体験型展覧会。





The works of female artists from 176 countries collected by world-traveler and artist Claudia Demonte.

A showcase of 150 drawings by would-be Picasso children from 40 countries. During the exhibition period, local primary school students, as junior curators, presented eight exhibitions featuring the kids’ artwork. It was an exciting, hands-on exhibition, connecting children from all over the world with local kids (from Urawa-city, Japan) and the museum.

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